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Use Manage My Groceries to help you find the best prices from your favourite food retailers, compare prices on all your favorite products and shop for the best deals. Our shoppers can compare the prices for the same product from multiple grocery stores to find the best prices for your family’s budget. Also, deals are added weekly so you never miss out on another sale on any of your favourite products because you don’t have the time to go to the grocery store; let us do the shopping for you.

Find Food Retailers You Know and Some you Don’t

Manage My Groceries is a hub for food retailers you know and those you may not know. Browse our food retailer’s product pages for your family’s staple products as well as search for new possible staples for your family to try.

Shop for Home and Business

Shop for your home, business or both; our shoppers can choose to shop for their home and families or shop for their restaurants, café or other foodservice business. We have the staples you enjoy and some new finds you can use to add an additional touch of love to your menu.

Food Blog

Manage My Groceries food blog features lots of food related stores and updates that foodies will love.

Now Hiring

Manage My Groceries is now hiring mystery shoppers to services customers across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


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